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Aero-Wrap Lite™  has been designed to provide relief for achy, tired and swollen legs. Unlike other products, you do not need a prescription to order.

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Aero-Wrap Lite™ is a reusable gradient compression product designed to provide relief for people with achy, tired, and swollen legs. Each package contains 2 Aero-Wrap Lite™ compression sleeves for bilateral relief. Aero-Wrap Lite™ does not require a prescription.

Aero-Wrap Lite™ utilizes Sun Scientific’s the proprietary bladder and inflation technology to provide easy to apply, consistent, and comfortable compression relief for your legs. Unlike stockings, you don't need to squeeze into the Aero-Wrap Lite™ and it doesn’t stretch over time and lose effectiveness. Whether you are a working professional whose job requires you to stand all day, a top athlete looking for muscle recovery, or a pregnant, expecting mother with swollen, achy legs, Aero-Wrap Lite™ provides the same great technology for compression relief. Each Aero-Wrap Lite™ package includes:

sun-scientific_favicon 2 Aero-Wrap Lite™ compression sleeves for you to use for bilateral relief.

sun-scientific_favicon 1 AeroGauge Lite™ inflation system


You do not need a prescription to use the Aero-Wrap Lite™.

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Available Colors

Sizing Chart

Circumference in CM & Inches

Size Calf Ankle Foot
Small 31-36 cm (≈ 12¼ in – 14⅛ in) 20-26 cm (≈ 7⅞ in – 10 ¼ in) 17-27 cm (≈ 6⅝ in – 10⅝ in)
Medium 35-41 cm (≈ 13¾ in – 16⅛ in) 23-31 cm (≈ 9 in – 12¼ in) 19-30 cm (≈ 7½ in – 11¾ in)
Large 40-48 cm (≈ 15¾ in – 18in) 28-37 cm (≈ 11 in – 14 ½ in) 22-33 cm (≈ 8⅝ in – 13 in)
X-Large 46-57 cm (≈ 18⅛ in – 22⅜ in) 32-43 cm (≈ 12⅝ in – 17 in) 24-36 cm (≈ 9 ½ in – 14⅛ in)


Aero-Wrap™ will perform according to and under the stated application and use procedures and is warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for 6 months from when the garment is shipped. The warranty is only valid if the instructions for care are properly followed; and does not cover normal wear and tear, abnormal care and use, or where it can be shown the application instructions have not been followed correctly.

Please request a return authorization number from a Sun Scientific Customer Service Representative prior to returning merchandise. No returns are allowed if the product has been used except for defective products. If the returned merchandise is determined to be defective, Sun Scientific will at its discretion repair or replace the merchandise.


• If you have or believe you have symptoms of vascular disease you should be seen by a vascular specialist before use of these products.

• Should the leg develop pain or the foot become pale, cool or numb; the pressure must be lowered by inserting the stemmed portion of the valve cap into the valve and pressing until the air is released. Aero-Wrap Lite™ must be removed and the physician contacted.

• Caution should be used in a pressurized environment, such as an airplane, where the pressure within the Aero-Wrap™ is likely to change. If the compression increases, deflate all air and re-inflate to proper levels.

• Determine the correct size of Aero-Wrap Lite™ Gradient Compression System

• Ensure no abrasive material is in contact with the skin

• Does not contain natural rubber (Latex)


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