Case Study- See the Results!

Venous Ulcer Case Study, See the Results!

This featured patient is undergoing treatment with the Aero-Wrap Acute™. The patient is a 79 year old female with Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI) suffering from a large circumferential non-healing Venous Leg Ulcer (VLU) for two years.

Previous treatments, including 2-layer and 4-layer compression bandages applied weekly by visiting nurse services, failed. After considerable time, the patient's VLU did not improve and in fact got worse.

The case study began when the patient's compression therapy was changed to Aero-Wrap Acute™ because of the failure to heal with traditional bandaging.

Click image to see the results of using Aero-Wrap Acute™ for a Venous Ulcer patient.

Case Study Results from using Aero-Wrap Acute™

Aero-Wrap Acute™ - Venous Ulcer Case Study

This patient's condition improved dramatically with just a change in management of her compression therapy. The two year old ulcer showed improvement at the first visit (day 5) and completely closed by day 29. Continued use of Aero-Wrap™ for compression therapy lead to the patient's wound remaining healed and positive skin changes at the patient's follow-up visit (day 49).

Aero-Wrap Acute™ provides the ability to easily and accurately apply compression therapy.

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