Why Aero-Wrap?


What is Aero-Wrap™?

Aero-Wrap™ is a revolutionary, FDA-cleared gradient compression product designed to effectively treat chronic venous insufficiency and leg edema by delivering precise gradient compression to the lower leg. No longer do people have to struggle with stockings or bandages to receive the compression therapy they require. Too many people suffer from life-long chronic conditions and cannot care for themselves because the existing technology is inadequate. We created the Aero-Wrap™ products to give these people a solution that they’ve been looking for.



sun-scientific_favicon Comes in four sizes: S, M, L, XL (review sizing chart)

sun-scientific_favicon Adjustable fit with hook and loop closures

sun-scientific_favicon Conformable to almost all shaped/sized legs

sun-scientific_favicon Proprietary detachable inflation system, AeroGauge™, provides accurate and consistent compression therapy

sun-scientific_favicon Low-Profile: wearable under standard wardrobe and shoes

sun-scientific_favicon Improves quality of life (removable for showering and sleep)


Who Needs It & Why?

Millions of people with venous disease (aka Chronic Venous Insufficiency, “CVI”)  show symptoms of swollen, achy, and heavy legs. A number of conditions are associated with it, including:

  • Chronic Hypertension
  • Venous Leg Ulcers
  • Lymphatic Obstruction and Lymphedema

These conditions are often chronic and progressive – meaning that they do not have a cure and get worse if not properly managed.

Compression therapy is the standard of care for these conditions. Compression helps mechanically squeeze the leg to improve with fluid return thereby reducing swelling and the many other associated symptoms. However, traditional compression therapy products are often difficult to apply and not user-friendly, resulting in poor user compliance.

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Gradient Compression is the recognized treatment and precautionary measure for venous insufficiency, lymphatic disorders, and other fluid circulation problems of the lower limbs.

Gradient compression applies pressure distally instead of proximally. It is meant to compress fluid upwards towards the heart. Compression to the lower leg also increases the effectiveness of the calf-pump, which promotes circulation.

Compression can be an effective tool in treating venous insufficiency, venous ulcers and lymphedema, however, it isn’t right for all patients. The Aero-Wrap™ is designed to improve the quality of life of those patients for whom compression is indicated. Your physician will be able to let you know if you should use a compression device and how much pressure to apply.

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Gradient Compression treats a wide range of diseases such as:

sun-scientific_favicon  Chronic Venous Insufficiency
sun-scientific_favicon  Venous Leg Ulcers
sun-scientific_favicon  Lymphedema
sun-scientific_favicon  Swelling (edema)
sun-scientific_favicon  Heavy, Achy Legs

What makes it better than any other compression garment? 

Traditional compression technology is difficult to apply, restrictive, and not well tolerated by users. The Solution: Aero-Wrap™’s cutting-edge patented technology makes it easy to apply consistent and adjustable gradient compression. Hook and loop closures make applying the Aero-Wrap™ simple and struggle-free, and the patented AeroGauge™ inflation system makes applying, monitoring, and maintaining the prescribed level of compression a breeze.

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