The technology behind the Aero-Wrap™


Aero-Wrap™’s cutting edge patented technology was invented by a physician and developed in collaboration with top clinical scientists and engineers. Thousands of hours and years of research and development went into creating a product with seemingly simple purpose: providing consistent, comfortable, and easy to apply gradient compression. Simply step in, fasten the straps, attach the AeroGauge™, and pump to the prescribed compression level. No longer do patients have to struggle with applying stockings or bandages to receive the compression they need.

The Aero-Wrap™ sleeve:

Aero-Wrap™ is a revolutionary, air-filled compression therapy device that can be inflated to deliver precise gradient compression to the lower leg. It is made of light, flexible materials with hook and loop straps so that can be easily self-applied or even applied by an unskilled caregiver. The patented design allows it to fill in providing compression to the foot and adjustable gradient compression from the ankle to the knee.

Unlike bandages and other inelastic compression therapy devices, gradient compression with Aero-Wrap can be maintained without slippage and/or wrinkling and compression can be consistently maintained during the treatment cycle and with reductions in swelling. Aero-Wrap™ delivers comfortable therapeutic compression levels while walking (working compression) or standing (resting compression).

What is the AeroGauge™?

Aero-Wrap™’s proprietary AeroGauge™ inflation system makes it easy to apply and manage compression therapy. Select the prescribed compression range, squeeze to inflate, and AeroGauge™ automatically vents off any excess air once the desired compression range has been reached. The three compression ranges allow providers and users to work together to choose and adjust the right compression range. Unlike compression bandages and stockings, Aero-Wrap™ and AeroGauge™ provide adjustable, sustainable, and measurable gradient compression.