Aero-Wrap Lite™


Aero-Wrap Lite™ is an over-the-counter reusable gradient compression product designed to provide relief for people with achy, tired, heavy, and swollen legs.

Aero-Wrap Lite™ utilizes Sun Scientific’s proprietary bladder and inflation technology to provide easy to apply, consistent, and comfortable compression relief for your legs. Unlike stockings, you don't need to squeeze into the Aero-Wrap Lite™ and it doesn’t stretch over time, lose effectiveness, or slip down.

Whether you are a working professional whose job requires you to stand all day, a top athlete looking for muscle recovery, or a pregnant, expecting mother with swollen, achy legs, Aero-Wrap Lite™ provides the same great technology for compression relief.

Each Aero-Wrap Lite™ package includes:

  • 2 Aero-Wrap Lite™ compression sleeves for bilateral relief
  • 1 AeroGauge Lite™ inflation system


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Aero-Wrap Lite™ Advantages

• Provides relief for your tired, achy, and heavy legs.

• Long Lasting - single patient reusable product.

• Easy to Apply and Remove

• AeroGauge Lite™ for consistent and adjustable compression for the best feel

• Not like stockings – no tight elastic material that is hard to put on and stretches after a few uses, and slips down.

• Can be worn with normal shoes & clothing

• Remove for showering and sleeping