Information for Physicians


Aero-Wrap™ is a proven solution for the treatment of chronic venous insufficiency and its symptoms (venous hypertension, venous leg ulcers, dermatitis). It offers uncompromised efficacy and an enhanced quality of life for patients in need of sustained gradient compression therapy.

Aero-Wrap™ Products Have Been Designed To:

  • Provide Compression Therapy for the Treatment of:
    • Chronic Venous Insufficiency / Venous Hypertension
    • Open Venous Ulcers
    • Lymphatic Obstruction and Lymphedema
  • Be Easily Applied by Healthcare Professional, self-applied, or even applied by an unskilled caregiver.
  • Allow for quick dressing changes.
  • Be worn without slippage and/or wrinkling.
  • Provide accurate compression that can be consistently maintained during the treatment cycle even with reductions in swelling.
  • Deliver comfortable therapeutic compression levels while walking (working compression) or standing (resting compression).

Before Prescribing Aero-Wrap™ Products

When administering the Aero-Wrap™ products, you must adhere to some precautions. First, determine that the Aero-Wrap™ product you are prescribing is suitable for your patient’s condition, including ruling out peripheral arterial disease (“PAD”).

As their physician, ensure that the patient has adequate arterial blood flow, has been educated as to the appropriate prescribed compression range, and has been instructed in the proper use of the device.

Determine the correct size of the Aero-Wrap™ Compression System and ensure that no abrasive material is in contact with their skin.

If your patient has pain when walking or resting in bed, develops numbness, or complains of cold feet they should discontinue use of the Aero-Wrap™ product and contact your office.


Compression to a leg which already has partially blocked blood supply could lead to potentially serious complications.


Patients with symptoms of peripheral arterial disease ("PAD") should be seen by a vascular specialist before use of these products. Patients should be carefully screened to rule out arterial disease. 

Caution should be used in a pressurized environment, such as an airplane, where the pressure within the Aero-Wrap™ is likely to change. If the compression increases, deflate all air and re-inflate to proper levels.


The Aero-Wrap™ Gradient Compression System should not be used on patients with the following conditions:

  • Ankle Brachial Pressure Index (ABPI) of less than 0.6
  • Advanced PAD and Critical Limb Ischemia
  • Diabetic patients with advanced small vessel disease or ABPI greater than 1.3
  • Acute Deep Vein Thrombosis
  • Active infections of the lower leg
  • Gangrene of the lower leg