How to Order for Patients


The three Aero-Wrap™ products available are the Aero-Wrap™, Aero-Wrap Acute™, and Aero-Wrap Lite™. 

How to Order the Aero-Wrap™

Aero-Wrap™ has been designed for patients with low-exudating/healed wounds, chronic venous insufficiency, lymphedema and edema. Download this prescription form and contact your physician or licensed professional to see if Aero-Wrap™ is right for you.

If you have a prescription, you can order here. 

How to Order the Aero-Wrap Acute™

Aero-Wrap Acute™ Venous Ulcer Total Care Monthly Kit is a system designed to replace traditional bandaging for venous leg ulcers and stasis dermatitis in wound care settings. The Aero-Wrap Acute™ kit provides a disposable, cost-efficient, and proven treatment for open wounds for both exudate and compression management. If you are undergoing treatment for venous leg ulcers, contact your physician or clinic to see if Aero-Wrap Acute™ is right for you. If you would like to order Aero-Wrap Acute™ you will need to download this prescription form and contact your physician or licensed professional to see if Aero-Wrap Acute™ is right for you.

If you have a prescription, you can order here.

How to Order the Aero-Wrap Lite™

Aero-Wrap Lite™  has been designed to provide relief for achy, tired, and swollen legs. Unlike other products, you do not need a prescription to order.

You can order your Aero-Wrap Lite™ here.