Aero-Wrap Acute™ Venous Ulcer Total Care Monthly Kit


Aero-Wrap Acute™ Venous Ulcer Total Care Monthly Kit is a system designed to replace traditional bandaging for venous leg ulcers in wound care settings. The Aero-Wrap Acute™ kit provides a disposable, cost-efficient, and proven treatment for open wounds for both exudate and compression management.

Aero-Wrap Acute™ was designed for patients with:

sun-scientific_favicon Open Venous Leg Ulcers and Stasis Dermatitis


Aero-Wrap Acute™ Venous Ulcer Total Care Monthly Kit provides clinicians and wound care centers the supplies to manage a patient’s exudate and compression therapy for up to 1 month. 

Each kit includes:

sun-scientific_favicon 2 Aero-Wrap Acute™ (for Compression)

sun-scientific_favicon 1 AeroGauge™

sun-scientific_favicon 5 Multi-Layer Bandage Changes (for Exudate Management)

  • Cotton Padding Bandage
  • Short-Stretch Conforming Bandage
  • Tubular Stockinette


Each multi-layer bandage change can be quickly and inexpensively changed for exudate management. Aero-Wrap Acute™ is then placed on top of the multi-layer bandages to apply controlled and consistent gradient compression, not only saving time but also improving the consistency of compression therapy regardless of who it is applied by.


Contact your local clinic / wound center or ask your physician
about applying the Aero-Wrap Acute™ to your Venous Stasis Ulcer treatment.

Aero-Wrap Acute™ Advantages

• Disposable Product for Use with Exudating Wounds

• Easy to Apply and Remove - Quickly get to dressing changes

• AeroGauge™ for consistent and adjustable compression

• Cost effective and easy solution for frequent dressing changes

• Remove soiled, smelly dressings and replace anytime

• Can be worn with normal shoes & clothing

• Remove for showering and sleeping