Why Us

The Aero-Wrap™ is a proven solution for the treatment of lower leg venous insufficiency and ulceration. It offers uncompromised efficacy and an enhanced quality of life for patients in need of sustained gradient compression therapy.

No longer do people have to struggle with stockings or bandages to receive the compression they need. Too many people suffer from life-long chronic conditions and cannot care for themselves because the existing technology is inadequate. We created the Aero-Wrap™ products to give these people a solution that they’ve been looking for. 

Our History

2005 -

First thought of in conjunction with PFAB wound care dressing.

2007 -

• Patent issued
• 510(k) FDA approval
• Clinical experience begins at NY Presbyterian-Columbia and Cornell Results presented at 2007 and 2008 VEITHsymposium

2016 -

Went through a few different design configurations.

About Us

Sun Scientific was founded in 2007 with the sole purpose of improving the lives of patients with revolutionary products.

The Aero-Wrap™ product line is the invention of Dr. Sundaram Ravikumar, a board certified vascular surgeon in private practice for over 30 years. Dr. Ravikumar set out to redesign how gradient compression devices worked, so that it would be easier to apply and use for both patients and clinicians.

The Aero-Wrap™ family of devices continues to grow as our team of engineers and clinical advisors continue to look for new and innovative ways improve patients’ lives and clinical practice.